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Retreat Line


U14 - U19 games are played in accordance with FIFA Laws of the Game 

U9 - U13 games are play in accordance with BC Soccer Small Sided Rules


For more information on game formats/competition formats, points and tie breakers click HERE




If your referee is not at the field 5 minutes before the start of your game, please visit the closest field marshal tent and let us know. 

We make every effort to assign 3 capable officials to all 11v11 games; however, since covid there has been a serious referee crisis in BC, as the development of enough quality officials has been much slower to recover.  We are working with BC Soccer and clubs to try and support referee development so we can return to the standard that we/you expect; however, there will be cases where this is simply not possible in the short term.  We apologize in advance if your game is short on AR’s and/or you perceive the standard of officiating is not up to your expectations.  We are working hard to improve this and your patience with us and the officials we do assign, is very much appreciated.




Unlimited for all age groups at the referee’s discretion.




Will be posted online only.


Referees will submit the official game score.


U10 – U13  As per LTPD, no results (scores or standings) will be kept.

U14 – U18  Scores and standings will be kept.


The retreat line is used for all U9 - U13 games and is initiated when the ball has gone out for a goal kick. All opposing players will ‘retreat’ to the markers indicating the retreat line and cannot pursue the ball until:


  • The ball is received by a teammate OR, the ball travels over the retreat line OR, the ball leaves the field of play


For simplicity, the retreat line will be marked at the 1/3 line of the field. 


See linked RETREAT LINE DOCUMENT for a simplified explanation.


ENCROACHMENT OF THE RETREAT LINE:  If the defending team encroaches across the retreat line before an opposition player touches the ball then the referee blows the play stopped and issues a re-take of the goal kick.  If the opposing team repeatedly infringes the retreat line, an indirect free kick shall be awarded from the place where the offence occurred for not respecting the restart.



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