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As leaders in sport and tournament management we are consistently looking at ways to innovate, improve, and create more meaningful/purposeful experiences. 

During the pandemic we had a chance to review our events and look at areas where we could connect soccer and competition with a more sustainable and charitable approach. One of the areas that we focussed on was medals that 1st/2nd place teams receive. 


While we know that players love to receive a medal for their accomplishments, we feel that this joy is quite short lived for photos and then that item ends up in a drawer or landfill. 

So we decided to re-imagine our award system with the following objectives: 

  • Continue to recognize our teams who finish in the top 2 spots 

  • Reduce waste and items going into the landfill 

  • Donate to charitable and worthy causes 

  • Align winning mentality with the spirit of giving back to others 

So for 2023 we will be donating $100 per team on behalf of all of our U13-U18 teams who finish 1st or 2nd in their division of the tournament. 

We have identified three (3) organizations to direct donations towards. It was important to recognize causes that had a connection to one or more of the following: 

  • Sport

  • Children

  • The communities that we operate 


Click the logos to learn more about what each charity does in the community.


Our awards and trophy presentation will be similar to previous years, with the only difference being that teams, in lieu of medals, with huddle up and identify the charity that they wish to support. They will hoist the trophy and a “cheque” to the organization they selected. 

At the end of the tournament we will list the teams and their selected organization on our website and a donation will be made on their behalf. 

We hope that all of our teams will support this change and will use this as an opportunity to educate your players and build more awareness around charitable impact and the role we all can play. 

Please take the time to review our selected charities and to understand what they are working towards. To learn more about a charity click on the logo above. 

We also invite the corporate community to reach out to us to match our contribution, on behalf of the teams. Please contact us to participate. 


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Giving kids the opportunity to access sport and play is essential for their growth and development, which is why Jumpstart funds a variety of different sports and activities all with the goal of giving all kids the chance to discover their passion.

Empowering every kid to play


BC Children’s is the only hospital in the province devoted exclusively to the care of children. That means one million kids—including some of the sickest and most seriously injured—count on the hospital for specialized care they often can’t receive anywhere else. Last year, more than 99,000 patients visited the hospital—which not only includes its acute care centre, but also its research institute, mental health facility and rehabilitation centre.


The reality is that cost keeps 1 in 3 Canadian kids out of organized sport. KidSport provides grants to help cover those costs to ensure that no kid is ever left watching from the sidelines.

So ALL kids can play


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