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We are still adding questions to the FAQ. If there is a question you think we should add email

  • Is there room to warm-up on the field before my game?
    No, games are very close together. There are areas around the park to warm-up. Check the map of your park for warm-up areas. Make sure you leave time to walk from your warm-up area to your game field after warming up as all games must start and finish on time to maintain the tournament schedule.
  • How do I file a protest?
    Only protests regarding non-referee decisions will be permitted. All protests will only be entertained if received, in writing, within one hour after the completion of the game in question. A $250.00 fee, payable in cash, must accompany all protests. Protests and fees can be delivered to the tournament headquarters. The protest fee will be fully refunded if the protest in question is deemed valid.
  • How do I file a grievance?
    The following process has been implemented to address any complaints or issues that arise throughout the event. ​ Grievances must only be reported by a Team Managers by email to the Tournament Officials Any reports from anyone other than a team official will be deleted upon receipt. Provide a clear written account of the incident including – game number, time & location - name/names of persons involved A Tournament Official will respond to the grievance - All reports will be addressed in order of severity. All reports will be taken seriously; but not all will warrant further investigation. Some reports may not be addressed until after the event if they do not affect the outcome/running of the event. ​
  • I am applying for my team's travel permit, who should I add as the contact person?
    Tanya McCulloch If you need a letter confirming your registration please reach out to us at the above address.
  • How do I register my team?
    View the Event Connect Help page here
  • When registering I can't move past a page, the next button doesn't work.
    There is probably a question you have not answered on the page, look at all the questions, find the one that is highlighted in red. Correct that and you should be able to move on. If not contact
  • The registration system doesn't seem to be working for me, I am not able to fill out any of the questions.
    What browser are you using? Are you using Chrome or Safari? These two work the best. The system does not always work correctly if you are using Internet Explorer or Edge.
  • I don't know my roster yet, am I able to upload it later?
    Yes, you can upload at any time by going to your team dashboard.
  • How do I upload my roster?
    There are 2 ways to upload your roster. You can upload it to your custom questions on your registration. Go to your team dashboard Click where it says "Edit Survey" Find the roster upload on the page Find the file on your computer and upload it. Make sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and save. You can also add players to your team dashboard. Information can be found by clicking here. We recommend the first option. Players will not appear on your dashboard if you upload your roster in the survey.
  • I am trying to upload my roster CSV to my dashboard and keep getting errors.
    We suggest you upload you roster in the team survey. See above question for instructions.
  • Can we use a guest player?
    Teams may use the services of a guest player so long as the following conditions are met: ​ A player is not on the roster of another team participating in a competitive division of the event. A player can only play on one competitive team in the tournament. U9-U14 teams can play on multiple teams, so long as they are not playing down in age and are listed on the roster for each team. If a team is from BC and the player is not registered with BC Soccer, the team must apply for a Short Term Event Player Permit for the player a minimum of 5 business days before the tournament. To obtain a permit: click HERE and download the Short Term Event Player Permit form. fill out the form send it to us HERE and we will submit it to BC Soccer for you. Teams participating in an approved tournament, wishing to use the services of a player registered with another team, shall first obtain written permission from the team & Youth District and/or Adult League with which the player is registered. Players registered with BC Soccer must use the form found HERE. ​ If you have any questions contact us HERE. Teams looking for players, or players looking for a team visit the GUEST PLAYER PAGE
  • Do I need to print my roster?
    No, as long as you have uploaded it you do not need to print it.
  • The score was entered incorrectly for my last game. Who do I report it to?
    You can either go to the Park Headquarters if you are still at the park or email Please let us know your team name, the park where the game was played, the division you are in and what you think the correct score should be.
  • How do I know what colour my opposition will be wearing? Who changes if our colours are similar?
    About a week before the event we publish all teams colours here. If colours are not listed the team did not enter it when they registered. If both teams are wearing similar colours the home team should change or put on pinnies for the game.
  • What if a player/offical on our team gets a card?
    Any player receiving a red card in a match is subject to discipline as follows: An automatic suspension of his/her next game Potential further review/suspension by the discipline committee ​ The referee’s decision in matters concerning the Laws of the Game is considered final. The Tournament Officials will not overrule a referee's decision.
  • Can my team book our own hotel or airbnb?
    No, our events all have a very strict stay & play policy. All hotels must be reserved through the Event Connect system.
  • How do I hold a block of rooms for my team?
    From your team dashboard, you can find discounted hotels by clicking the View Hotels option. Once you have found your preferred hotel, click on the Select Your Room button to open up a more detailed view of this hotel option. Here you will be presented with the hotel's available room types, rates and how many rooms are available. You can block rooms for your team by selecting Hold Group Rooms. Here, you will be able to select the nights and how many rooms are needed by your team. If the hotel does not have the number of rooms required for instantly making a block for your team, our system will notify you and submit a request to the hotel for additional inventory. If you need help or have questions about blocking rooms contact Carly
  • How do I reserve a room from my teams block?
    You can create a reservation for your upcoming event either by using the booking link that may have been provided to you by your team manager, or you can access the hotel listing page from your team dashboard. If you have already received a booking link, please skip the first step in the following guide. By clicking on your provided link, it will take you to the hotel listings page straight away! SELECTING YOUR HOTEL Once you have found your preferred hotel, click on the Select Your Room button to open up a more detailed view of this hotel option. Here you will be presented with the hotel's available room types, rates and a map showing the location of the hotel to your event's primary venue. Here select the Book Now option. CREATING YOUR RESERVATION Here you can Select the number of rooms required, your preferred dates of stay, as well as how many people will be staying in the room. You can also use the special requests option to customize your reservation. After this select Next to proceed. This will take you to the next step to input your Contact Information. Once you have filled this page select Next to proceed. CONFIRMING YOUR RESERVATION Now the final step is to enter your billing address and credit card information. Pricing for your stay is featured on the right side. To reserve the room, a small deposit is owed however you are not required to pay the full amount. The remaining balance must be paid in full to the hotel upon arrival. Now Agree to the policy agreement by checking the hotel policies and accepting them after reading them carefully. Confirm your reservation by selecting Confirm and pay.
  • How do I view my hotel reservation?
    Once you have created a reservation, you will receive an email confirmation with the subject line Reservation Receipt. Alternately, you can view your reservation from your Home Page. Once you have logged in to your account at you will land on your Home Page. Under the My Reservations tab, there will be a list of reservations that you have made. Click on the View Receipt beside the reservation, and you will be taken to your Reservation Receipt.
  • TEAM MANAGER: How do I view my teams reservations?
    To view your team's reservation, you first need to navigate to your team dashboard. After arriving at your team dashboard, Select the Reservations made Button on the right side. Now you will be able to view the list of reservations of your team.
  • How do I add/remove a night from my reservation?
    Once you have logged in to your account at you will land on your Home Page. Under the My Reservations tab, there will be a list of reservations that you have made. Click on the View Receipt beside the reservation, and you will be taken to your Reservation Receipt. Select Edit Reservation on the right-hand side. From this page you can edit the following information: Contact Information Change your hotel or room type Billing Information Add an additional night Special Request Remove a night Change Occupancy Cancel your reservation. If you need help contact Carly
  • How do I find out when my room block expires?
    Once you have made a room block for your team, you will receive a confirmation email. Here you will find your information about your Room Block. The first step is to access your team dashboard and now you will be able to find your Team's block under the Discounted Hotels Section. Room blocks expire after 10 days. If you would like to extend your room block contact Carly Depending on availability of hotels she may not be able to extend for much longer.
  • How do I get to the Premier Player App?
    or use this QR code
  • How do I change my email address on the app?
    Email Include your full name, the email address on your profile now and the email address you would like it changed to.
  • How do I get my profile on the app?
    When you register for the Player ID Camp a profile will be created for you. When your team registers for the Premier Spring Showcase as soon as your manager sends us your team information we will add you to the app. When you confirm you will be attending as a coach/recruiter you will be added to the app. Click here for more information.
  • Why is my profile showing my siblings information?
    If both players sign up with the same email (usually a parents email address) it will merge the two accounts. All players need to use their own email address. To change your email address email us at
  • Do I need to enter the PIN each time I sign in?
    If you save a shortcut to the app on your phone/tablet you do not need to sign in each time. If you access the app through your computer or phone using you will need to sign in each time.
  • Is there a parents profile? I would like to see my child's profile.
    No, there are a few types of profiles and none are for parents. Clubs - can see all the teams in their club Team Manager - can see all the players that have joined their team Player - can see their own profile and College Recruiters profiles College Recruiter - can see any player profile but can only see contact information if the player has made it visible.
  • RECRUITER - How do I personalize my profile?
    Download the PDF to get started
  • RECRUITER - How do I know if a player is playing in the Showcase?
    Click on the player tab at the bottom left side of the app and then click Filters. You can then choose different filters. Only players born 2005, only players in the showcase etc.
  • PLAYERS - What if I don't want anyone to contact me through the app?
    By default your contact information is hidden off your profile. To change your privacy settings click the Profile settings button on the bottom of the screen. Click the profile settings button Choose which information you would like to show on your profile. Only your club, team manager and recruiters will be able to see the contact information on your profile if you make it visible.
  • PLAYERS - I have started playing for a different team, how do I delete my old team off my profile?
  • PLAYERS - How do I personalize my profile?
    Download this PDF to help get you started.
  • PLAYERS - I have emailed a recruiter from a school I am interested in. Is there a way to keep track of when I contacted them or make notes about contacting them?
    Click the schools icon Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on my notes Click where it says add new note. Add your note and then click "Done"
  • PLAYERS - Is there a way to keep track of schools I am interested in?
    When you are looking at a school profile, click the save to favourites button. To look at the schools you have saved click the saved schools button.
  • TEAM MANAGER - I have added my team to the app now what do I do?
    Download the PDF to help with any questions you have about setting up your team profile.
  • RECRUITER - I am interested in a player, can I save players I am interested in and make notes on them somewhere?
    To save the player's profile click on the profile and then on their page click 👍🏻 SAVE TO YOUR FAVOURITES While on the players profile scroll to the bottom of the page and click MY NOTES to take notes on the player. Notes will only be viewable by you.
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