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  • Chris Murphy

Kamloops Blaze Commits 15 Teams to the SX Cup

E11even Management is excited to announce the registration of 15 teams from the Kamloops Youth Soccer Association to attend the 2015 SX Cup. With entries ranging from U11 to U16 in the Metro, Gold and Developmental divisions, the KYSA orange and blue will be in full effect at all three of the SX Cup’s premium tournament venues.

Ciaran McMahon, Technical Director from KYSA commented, “Our club is always looking for competitive opportunities and the SX Cup fits the time of year and desired competition levels very well for KYSA. We will more than triple our attendance from last year’s SX CUP, and we are excited to see how our teams perform against other teams from across Western Canada and the US. Seeing clubs from Seattle and Calgary in some of the divisions we will be playing in is very exciting.

Register now for the 2015 SX International Cup by clicking on the link below!

More information click on the link below:

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