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Air Quality Warning

Air Quality Statement


With the daily changing in air quality around Vancouver and the surrounding areas, we wanted to release a statement about how this may potentially impact the tournament. Player safety will always be our priority. 


We use The Air Quality Health Index (AQHI) to monitor the air condition. The AQHI can be accessed HERE  (we are in the Metro Vancouver - SE region)


1 - 6  - The tournament schedule will not be impacted 

7 - 8 - The tournament schedule may be modified (reduced length games, reduce the number of games, etc)

9 - 10 - The tournament games will be postponed/ canceled 


Fortunately the shifting winds have seen the AQHI levels well below 7, most dates; however, things can change without notice. There is limited value in trying to predict the AQHI beyond 1-2 days in advance.  


The current forecast is calling for some rain in the week leading up to the SX INTL Cup and we are confident that the air quality will be well within safe ranges. 


Any questions can be directed to Chris Murphy at

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